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Professor Gary Bending

Job Title
Life Sciences
024 7657 5057
Research Interests

My research group studies the structure, diversity and function of microbial communities inhabiting plants, soil and water. We work across a range of natural and agricultural systems, and integrate a variety of 'omics approaches, often within an interdisciplinary context.


BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, University of Exeter
PhD Plant-Soil-Microbe Interactions, University of Sheffield
Member, BBSRC Pool of Experts (2011-2016)
Member, NERC Peer Review College (2012-)
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Environmental Science (2014-)
Member, UK Government's Expert Committee on Pesticides (2013-2018)
Director, Warwick Environmental Systems Interdisciplinary Centre (2021-)
Deputy Head of Department (Academic) (2021-)

Title Funder Award start Award end
Unravelling the diversity and function of the fine root endophyte NERC 02 Sep 2019 31 Aug 2023
Out of the water! What is Tetracladium doing on land? - Comparative genomics of the fungal endophyte genus Tetracladium Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund 01 Aug 2022 31 Jul 2023
UK-Brazil International Partnering Award: Development of novel strategies to address plant-microbes interactions in planta BBSRC 01 Apr 2022 31 Mar 2023
iCASE studentship under BBSRC AZ CTP for Katie Endersby AstraZeneca UK Limited 01 Oct 2018 30 Sep 2022
Understanding the impact of test system scale (and flow) on degradation rate of CPPs in aquatic systems. Studentship with Syngenta under NERC CENTA DTP Syngenta Ltd 01 Oct 2018 31 Mar 2022
PATHWAYS & evolution of pollutants: Interactions between physical controlling effects, microbial community composition and pollutant biodegredation rates NERC 30 Jan 2018 29 Jan 2022
Impacts of warming on boreal peatland microbial community structure and function. UK-Canada doctoral exchange scheme. Katy Faulkner UK Research and Innovation 01 Apr 2020 21 Nov 2021
Impacts of elevated CO2 and high rainfall on soil microbial community structure and function in a UK temperate forest Ecological Continuity Trust 03 May 2021 02 Aug 2021
Ecology of fine root endophytes in Australian natice and agrictultural ecosystems Australian Research Council 01 Jan 2018 31 Dec 2020
Roots of decline? Assembly and Function of the Rhizosphere Microbiome in Relation to Yield Decline BBSRC 01 Oct 2018 31 Oct 2019
Extreme rainfall: Unravelling the importance of new climate-rhizosphere feedbacks across contrasting land use systems NERC 01 Feb 2017 30 Sep 2019
WCPRS with Syngenta - Natasha Baudin Syngenta Ltd 01 Oct 2015 30 Sep 2019
Phosphorus cycling in the soil-microbe-plant continuum of agri-ecosystems BBSRC 31 Dec 2014 31 Jul 2019
BBSRC GCRF IAA 2017 - Unravelling the diversity and functional significance of the oil palm microbiome BBSRC 01 Oct 2017 31 Jan 2018
Studentship - Rebecca Southwell - CASE/BBSRC (BBSRC ref: BB/L502418/1): Enhanced Degradation of CPPs in Flowing Water Bodies: Understanding the Contribution of Metabolism by Freshwater Phototrophs and Indirect Photolysis Syngenta Ltd 01 Oct 2013 30 Sep 2017
Evaluating the potential of constructed wetland features for mitigating the impact of pesticide losses from agricultural land: Industrial funding connected with Defra Project Lonza Group Ltd 01 Oct 2013 30 Sep 2017
BBSRC GCRF IAA - Sustainable oil palm cropping BBSRC 21 Oct 2016 31 Mar 2017
Genetic Manipulation of rhizodeposition in oilseed rape to improve yield BBSRC 01 Oct 2012 30 Sep 2015
BBSRC CIRC Transfer from Nottingham: Yield improvement of oilseed rape BBSRC 01 Oct 2012 30 Sep 2015
Characterisation of microbiotic soil crusts in arable soil and their effect on pesticide fate and persistence Syngenta Ltd 01 Oct 2011 31 Mar 2015
NERC DTA studentship (Serena Thomson) Diversity and function of phyomyxids The Natural History Museum Trading Company Ltd 01 Oct 2011 31 Mar 2015
Interactions between river bed morphology, water chemistry and microbial diversity and its impact on pollutant biodegradation Unilever Research (Colworth Laboratory) 01 Oct 2010 30 Sep 2014
Influence of lights on microbial degradation of pesticides: BBSRC CASE Studentship (Lawrence Davies) Syngenta Ltd 05 Oct 2009 04 Oct 2013
Sandpit - Understanding processes determining soil carbon balances under perennial bioenergy crops CARBO-BIOCROP NERC 01 Oct 2010 30 Sep 2013
Role of Microbial adaption in the biodegradation of chemical pollutants: Extrapolation from laboratory to rivers Unilever UK Central Resources Limited 01 Oct 2009 31 Mar 2013
Stable Isotope Probing-metagenomics of river microbial populations degrading the aromatic pollutant para-nitrophenol (PNP) NERC 01 Aug 2012 28 Feb 2013
IF0158 Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN): Per-breeding research to support sustainable farming of carrot and onion Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2009 31 Mar 2012
Amendment IF0128: The impact of shortened rotations on rhizosphere microbial diversity (amendment 3) RHRPM0378 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 May 2011 30 Sep 2011
IF0138 How Does Change in land-use Between Set-aside and Cropping Impact Soil Biodiversity and Function Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2008 31 Mar 2011
The mycorrhizal hydrosphere: a key driver of biochemical cycles. BBSRC 01 Apr 2007 31 Mar 2011
Amendment No1 - The Impact of Shortened Rotation on Rhizosphere Microbial Diversit (Additional budget of £83,619.00 and time extension until 30/11/09) Linked to 19099. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2009 30 Nov 2009
Researcher Exchange Programme Awards: Soil Biodiversity in the Management of Soybean Soil Borne Diseases British Council 01 Dec 2008 30 Nov 2009
How does plant genotype control the phyllosphene bacterial community. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Jan 2007 30 Jun 2009
The Impact of Shortened Rotation on Rhizosphere Microbial Diversity Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2007 31 Mar 2009
DW: Making More Efficient Use of Nitrogen in Crop Rotations of Horticultural Crops Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2004 31 Mar 2008
Review of the Scientific Literature to Determine the Extent of Knowledge on the Impact of Crop Management Strategies on Soil Microbial Populations - DEFRA Core Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Feb 2007 30 Jun 2007
Farm Practice and Soil Health Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Jun 2006 28 Feb 2007