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Dr Jess Savage

Dr Jessica Savage

Contact details

Tel.: 024 7652 2837
Room: R3.13 Ramphal Building

Office hours:

Term 1

Tuesday 9-10

Friday 11-12

My office hours are available both face to face or online.

If you would like to meet me during my office hours in person, please come to my office (R3.13), if you'd prefer to meet on MS Teams please send me a message on teams during my office hour to be added to the queue.

Associate Professor


Originally from London, I grew up with a love of the ocean. I started diving at 15 and studied an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology followed by a Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation. During this period, I developed a conservation-based research programme in Cambodia which focused on the appropriate development and efficacy of Marine Protected Areas. I then undertook a Ph.D. assessing the socio-economic and ecological impacts of marine management on local communities. Throughout my studies, I have been actively involved in the governance and policy arrangements of marine management and assisted in the establishment of a series of MPAs.

Following my Ph.D. I worked at the School for Field Studies in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. This involved teaching field-based courses in marine ecology, conservation and the scientific method to undergraduate students from around the world. During this time, I continued my work on the efficacy of MPAs and their impacts on the environment, economy, local indigenous communities, and tourism.

My main research interests surround climate change, nature-based solutions, human-ecosystem interactions, and the monitoring of marine resources, impact assessments. Ultimately, identifying the best means of integrating local resource-dependent communities into the habitat conservation, monitoring, and management.

Modules and courses

GD105: Environmental Principles of Global Sustainable Development

GD109: Biodiversity and Ecology

GD123: The Three Pillars of Global Sustainable Development

GD305 & GD323: Challenges of Climate Change

GD317: Managing Natural Resources

GD909: Global Challenges and Transdisciplinary Responses

CH987: Global Carbonisation: Causes and Consequences of Climate Change

Current research projects

Protected Areas and People: Exploring perceived wisdoms surrounding natural resource management and sustainability. Funded by: Warwick GCRF Catalyst fund. (More information on this research project)


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Conference presentations

  • Savage, J.M., Ceballos-Meraz, L., Mach, L. & Scott, C.P. (2017, December) 30 Years Later: What have we learned from the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park? Presented at the European Coral Reef Symposium, 13-15th December 2017, Oxford.
  • Savage. J.M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D (2015, June) Implications of 10 years without marine protection. Presented at the International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, 1-4th June 2015, Hong Kong.
  • Savage, J. M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D. (2014, May) Implications of 10 years without marine protection. Presented at the Marine Biological Association
    Marine Biological Association (Post-graduate Conference) May 2014, Scarborough.