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Dr Jessica Savage

Dr Jessica Savage
Contact details
Tel.: 024 7652 2837
Room: R3.13 Ramphal Building

Term 3 Office Hours:

Tuesday 10-11 am (on Microsoft Teams)
Additional slots available by appointment


Originally from London, I grew up with a love of the ocean. I started diving at 15 and studied an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology followed by a Masters in Biodiversity and Conservation. During this period, I developed a conservation based research programme in Cambodia which focused on the appropriate development and efficacy of Marine Protected Areas. I then undertook a Ph.D. assessing the socio-economic and ecological impacts of marine management on local communities. Throughout my studies I have been actively involved in the governance and policy arrangements of marine management and assisted in the establishment of a series of MPAs.

Following my Ph.D. I worked at the School for Field Studies in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. This involved teaching field-based courses in marine ecology, conservation and the scientific method to undergraduate students from around the world. During this time, I continued my work on the efficacy of MPAs and their impacts on the environment, economy, local indigenous communities, and tourism.

My main research interests surround human-ecosystem interactions, and the monitoring of marine resources, impact assessments. Ultimately, identifying the best means of integrating local resource-dependent communities into the habitat conservation, monitoring, and management.

Modules and Courses

GD105: Environmental Principles of Global Sustainable Development

GD109: Biodiversity and Conservation

GD305: Challenges of Climate Change

GD316: Natural Resource Management in Practice

GD317: Managing Natural Resources

Certificate of Sustainability

Current Research Projects

Protected Areas and People : Exploring perceived wisdoms surrounding natural resource management and sustainability. Funded by: Warwick GCRF Catalyst fund. (More Information)


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Mach, L., Ponting, J., Brown, J. and Savage, J. (2018) Riding waves of intra-seasonal demand in surf tourism: analysing the nexus of seasonality and 21st century surf forecasting technology. Annals of Leisure Research. 2018:1-19.

Savage, J.M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D. (2017) Can international volunteers and community members effectively monitor coral reef resources in Cambodia? Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 27(2): 340-352.

Savage, J.M., Osborne, P.E., Hudson, M.D., Knapp, M.P. & Budello, L (2014) A current status assessment of the coral reefs in the Koh Sdach Archipelago, Cambodia. Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2014(1): 47-54.

Savage, J. M., Osborne, P. E. & Hudson, M.D. (2013) Abundance and diversity of marine fauna and flora of the Koh Rong Archipelago, Cambodia. Cambodian Journal of Natural History 2013(2): 89-94.

Conference Presentations

Savage, J.M., Ceballos-Meraz, L., Mach, L. & Scott, C.P. (2017, December) 30 Years Later: What have we learned from the Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park? Presented at the European Coral Reef Symposium, 13-15th December 2017, Oxford.

Savage. J.M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D (2015, June) Implications of 10 years without marine protection. Presented at the International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems, 1-4th June 2015, Hong Kong.

Savage, J. M., Osborne, P.E. & Hudson, M.D. (2014, May) Implications of 10 years without marine protection. Presented at the Marine Biological Association
Marine Biological Association (Post-graduate Conference) May 2014, Scarborough.