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HAT Modelling and Economic Predictions for Policy (HAT MEPP)

Human African Trypanosomiasis Modelling and Economic Predictions for Policy (HAT MEPP) is a research project started in 2018, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to support global efforts to eliminate gambiense Human African Trypanosomiasis (gHAT or sleeping sickness). Sleeping sickness is a tropical disease found in West and Central Africa, transmitted to humans by tsetse (biting flies), that is typically fatal without treatment. To date, interventions have reduced sleeping sickness cases to historically low levels and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has set a goal to eliminate transmission of the infection by 2030.

The purpose of the HAT MEPP project is to provide novel, quantitative evidence to support gHAT control and elimination by carrying out complex modelling. The results will help identify where intensified interventions are needed (especially small administrative regions within countries) to achieve elimination of transmission (EOT) and support planning of optimum intervention strategies, including cost considerations in conjunction with disease burden estimates. The HAT MEPP project combines the research expertise of mathematical modellers, health economists, epidemiologists and a software developer.

HAT MEPP research will continue to 2024 following new funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Project aims:

To provide decision support to national programmes in Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Cote d’lvoire, Guinea and Uganda regarding intervention strategies and cost effectiveness, taking into account resource constraints.

To deliver an elimination investment case (EIC) for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to understand the feasibility and associated costs of elimination of transmission of gHAT.

Support analyses of on-going Trypa-No! and TrypElim (gHAT elimination) programmes, including cost, new diagnostics and interventions.

See project results and publications for further information

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The HAT MEPP team attend TrypElim collaborator meeting in Antwerp

Kat Rock, Marina Antillon and Ching-I Huang were invited by TrypElim collaborators last week to present their modelling work during a series of meetings hosted by ITM in Antwerp, Belgium. The meeting, which focused on planning the next phase of the TrypElim project, was also attended by members of t…

The HAT MEPP 1 project booklet:

Project Team

Principal Investigator (PI):

Kat Rock

Warwick project team:

Matt Keeling
Jason Madan
Ron Crump
Ching-I Huang
Paul Brown
Sam Sutherland

Project management:

Emily Crowley
Sukhwinder Soggi

Swiss TPH project team:

Fabrizio Tediosi
Marina Antillon

Former team members

Deirdre Hollingsworth (Oxford)

Maryam Aliee
Xia Wang-Steverding

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