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See the Glossary for a description of commonly used terms and acronyms associated with the HAT projects.

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Warwick researchers

HAT MEPP lead:

Kat Rock

(Associate Professor, Warwick)

Kat Rock headshot

Matt Keeling

(Professor, Warwick)

Matt Keeling headshot

Jason Madan

(Professor, Warwick)

Jason Madan headshot

Fabrizio Tediosi

(Group leader, Swiss TPH)

Fabrizio Tediosi headshot

Simon Spencer

(Associate Professor, Warwick)

Simon Spencer headshot

Louise Dyson

(Associate Professor, Warwick)

Louise Dyson headshot

Emily Crowley

(Scientific Project Manager)

Marina Antillon 

(PDRA, Swiss TPH)

Marina Antillon headshot

Ron Crump

(PDRA, Warwick)

Ron Crump headshot

Ching-I Huang

(PDRA, Warwick)

Ching-I Huang headshot

Maryam Aliee

(PDRA, Warwick)

Maryam Aliee headshot

Paul Brown

(Software Developer, Warwick)

Paul Brown headshot

Ben Millar

(PhD student, Warwick)

Ben Millar headshot

Emma Southall

(PhD student, Warwick)

Associated modellers

Nakul Chitnis

(Group leader, Swiss TPH)

Nakul Chitnis headshot

Soledad Castaño 

(PDRA, Swiss TPH)

Soledad Castaño headshot

Deirdre Hollingsworth

(Professor, Oxford)

Deirdre Hollingsworth headshot

Former team members

Xia Wang-Steverding

(PDRA, Warwick)

Xia Wang-Steverding headshot

Chris Davis

(PDRA, Warwick)

Chris Davis headshot