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About Warwick CDT in Analytical Science

A new generation of Analytical Scientists

With the world-leading facilities and expertise in Analytical Science at Warwick and partner external facilities (e.g. Diamond, ILL, ISIS) at their disposal, our students will graduate with a unique combination of skills in exploiting synergies between different experimental methods, e.g., diffraction, electrochemistry, mass spectrometry, microscopy and NMR, and in harnessing the power of combining data collection with experimental design, statistical analysis and simulation. Training will be delivered from across physical sciences, engineering and manufacturing, statistics, life and medical sciences in close partnership with industry, with research areas including pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals and additives, soft matter, biological systems, energy and functional materials.

The core principles of the CDT are:

▲ World-leading Analytical Science expertise and infrastructure for delivering high quality research where experiment is linked with statistics and theory-based design and interpretation

▲ Problem-driven advances across agro- and speciality chemicals, materials, pharmaceuticals, health and personal care

▲ An established integrative and cross-disciplinary research environment for delivering PhD training

▲ Rapid technology-transfer between academia and industry

▲ Catalysis of academia-industry and industry-industry collaborations

Options for study

▲ Students have a choice of studying in the 1 + 3 MSc + PhD format (with PhD project choice during the MSc), or integrated training offered during a 4-year PhD with PG certificate in Analytical Science, with selection of a specific advertised project (current such projects are advertised here)

▲ Multidisciplinary projects and modules - spanning experiment and quantitation

▲ Strong industrial links

▲ Significant emphasis on transferable skills, team-building, communication of science, decision-making, leadership, ethics, research proposals, careers

▲ Fostering a research and training community

PhD projects in this CDT are focused on experimental Analytical Science. There are complementary PhD possibilities focusing on simulation and modelling available in the HetSys CDTLink opens in a new window