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Students will study for a multidisciplinary PhD in Analytical Science. There is a wide pool of Warwick supervisors from Chemistry & Physics, Engineering & Manufacturing, Life Sciences & Medicine and Statistics, as well as industrial partners from the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and additives sectors and instrument manufacturers. Each MSc or PhD research project will be aimed at the creation of new instrumentation and techniques or improvements to existing methods to solve real-world problems that cannot be tackled now.

Four years funding is provided, with two recruitment routes offered:

A) 1+3: MSc followed by PhD, with the choice of the PhD project made during the MSc (during the second 10-week project).

Project areas for the 1+3 route can be seen here


B) Direct recruitment to a specific PhD project, with 60 CATS of MSc modules taken in the first year of the PhD (leading to a certificate).

Current Direct Recruitment Projects: Currently all of our project have been filled.
Status ID Title Supervisors Partners
Allocated RW-2019-IS Developing A Solvothermal Reaction Cell for in situ Neutron Scattering of Crystallisation

Richard Walton (Chemistry) Helen Playford, STFC

ISIS Facility, Harwell Campus
Allocated DH-2019-SY Understanding Complex Polymer Structure

Dave Haddleton (Chemistry)

Pauline Phillips and Annette Christie (Syngenta)

Allocated SPB-2019-BR Developing fast magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR methods for applications to both organic and bio-molecules in the solid state

Steven P. Brown (Physics) and Jozef R. Lewandowski (Chemistry)