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AS CDT Students 2021

Natalie Arigundiya

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Joanna Collingwood 

Project: Spectromicroscopy to study the role of iron in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

External Partner: Diamond Light Source

Evie Ladbrook Evie Ladbrook

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Mark Senn

Project: Probing improper ferroelectric switching and dielectric responses by in situ X-ray diffraction

Jordan Lee Jordan Lee

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Pat Unwin

Project: Understanding how molecules are delivered to biosurfaces from evaporating droplets

External Partner: Syngenta

Jacob Oyarzabal Jacob Oyarzabal

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Richard Walton

Project: Characterisation of Materials for Heterogeneous Catalysis Using Advanced Analytical Techniques

External Partner: Johnson Matthey

Ben Robinson Ben Robinson

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: John Low 

Project: Green graphite and graphene for lithium-ion battery innovation: Materials, manufacturing and characterisation

External Partner: Graphene Star

Byron Ross Byron Ross

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Katharina Brinkert

Project: Performance Modelling of Photoelectrochemical Devices in Reduced Gravitational Environments

External Partner: European Space Agency

Owen Tooley Owen Tooley

Route: 1 + 3

Supervisor: Daniel Lester

Project: Screening and optimisation of active targeted polymeric systems for cancer therapy

External Partner: AstraZeneca

Jack Dalton Jack Dalton

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Vas Stavros

Project: Plant-inspired sunscreens for agrochemicals: The development and application of ultrafast laser spectroscopy techniques to identify and design photoprotectants

External Partner: Syngenta