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AS CDT Students 2020

2020 Cohort

Tom Barnes

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Sebastian Pike

Project: Investigating the atomic and electronic structures of nano-scale molecular metal-oxo clusters.

Edward Lant

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Peter J. Sadler and Pete O'Connor

Project: Extreme performance mass spectrometry for metals in biology and medicine

External Partner: Bruker

Callan Littlejohn

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Pete O'Connor 

Project: Evaluation of the capabilities of 2-dimensional mass spectrometry in a variety of molecular systems

External Partner: Verdel Instruments

  Liam Medlin

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Steven Brown

Project: Probing drug-excipients interactions and their impact on solid-state stability of drug product by solid-state NMR spectroscopy and computational analysis

External Partner: GSK

Katie Pickering

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Richard Walton 

Project: Exploring Magnesium Chemistry : From Reactive Precursors To Synthetic Minerals

External Partner: BYK

Shaumica Saravanabavan

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Katharina Brinkert

Project: Solar-assisted oxygen and fuel production for long-term space travels and Moon habitats

External Partner: European Space Agency

Matthew Stoodley

Route: Direct PhD

Supervisor: Reinhard Maurer David Duncan 

Project: Developing light-driven molecular switches for use on solid substrates

External Partner: Diamond Light Source

Chris Trembath

Route: MSc + PhD

Supervisor: Józef Lewandowski

Project: Quantification of peptide secondary structure: The use of solid and solution state NMR to develop ATR FTIR spectroscopic methods

External Partner: AstraZeneca