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Centre for Applications of Mathematical & Computing Sciences

The Zeeman Building, University of Warwick

Welcome to CAMaCS

The Centre for Applications of Mathematical & Computing Sciences (CAMaCS) is a new centre designed to link Warwick’s world-leading research in the departments of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science with external partners and bring benefits to society through impact. CAMaCS establishes new forms of partnership across interdisciplinary boundaries within academia as well as across inter-sectoral boundaries between academia and public, private and third sectors. CAMaCS provides an exciting opportunity to help define the future role of the mathematical and computing sciences in our society and economy. Below you can read about our flagship activities and mechanisms, including:

  • Impact facing research
  • Innovation Research Associates (InRAs)
  • Impact Research Fellowships
  • problem formulation workshops and knowledge exchange
  • research training
  • public engagement

CAMaCS builds on strong name recognition through its world leading scientific platform for innovation, a strong culture of inter-disciplinary collaboration and 30 years of institutional experience in large-scale knowledge exchange e.g. via the successes of the Warwick Manufacturing Group in applied manufacturing engineering.

Impact facing research

CAMaCS operates as a single point of reference to support academics in the three departments to establish and drive research towards impact with the long-view in mind. This can be done via multiple strategic approaches, for example:

  • Promoting strong pan-campus engagement, matching skill set to opportunity in the spaces of data-driven, mathematical and AI modelling, building teams and hosting discussion to explore some of the many interdisciplinary grant calls with fast turn arounds.
  • Supporting dialogue with industry and pursuing different forms of research collaborative relationships, whether that be via PhD funding, long-term collaborative project funding, consultancy contracting or other forms knowledge exchange.

Examples of CAMaCS engagement areas

  • Industrial applied mathematics: including applications of fluid dynamics, solid mechanics and PDEs to solve problems held by diverse partners with physical modelling needs.
  • Distributed socio-technical systems: including applications of network science, agent-based systems and nonlinear dynamics to challenges faced by partners in e.g. transportation systems, urban science, financial regulation, energy grids and social sciences.
  • Applied statistics/data science: including impactful and ethical applications of data science to social and technological problems such as those in Data Science for Social Good.

Research added value

CAMaCS has two flagship schemes to add value to impact facing research

  • Innovation Research Associates (InRAs): InRAs are a new type of researcher working to support multiple projects in the space of “impactful research”. InRAs serve as a research intermediary for hand-in-hand impact driven research collaborations between academics in Mathematics/Statistics/CS and other departments, as well as outside partners. This provides the gift of time and research support that would otherwise come as relatively costly investment from the academics concerned. Through their principal role as undertaking quantitative/AI modelling, as well as acting as a scientific intermediary between mathematical/AI researchers and other academics/stakeholders/partners, InRAs are included in grant proposals and industry-funded projects.

  • Impact Fellowship Scheme (IFS): CAMaCS also recognises that there are times in the lifecycle of impact delivery which need the specific focus of academic leads, e.g. “getting impact over the finish line”. The IFS is a robust scheme that will allow faculty at each of the three contributing departments to bid for time buy-out at critical junctures along the pathway to impact.

Details of this scheme will follow soon.

Training and public engagement

CAMaCS incorporates external perspectives through its external partnerships into undergraduate courses, postgraduate training and CDTs. Graduate students are encouraged to work on CAMaCS projects as part of their PhDs as well as through special PhD CAMaCS internships, building on a firm foundation already laid down by the MathSys and HetSys CDTs as well as the Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Sciences CDTs.

CAMaCS complements externally facing engagement activities across participating departments through an online outreach programme to market the value of Warwick Mathematical and Computing Sciences research to the public and to potential project partners. This involves working with staff and students to create videos, curate a social media identity, write blog posts, enter competitions, write case studies, design reusable outreach content, organise public lectures and events etc.

Problem formulation workshops and knowledge exchange

The nature of industrial and societal challenges are highly convoluted, often requiring interdisciplinary knowledge engagement. The last 15 years has seen successful experimentation with problem-formulation or sandpit-type workshops. Whilst allowing for a process of knowledge exchange, the output is a question or series of questions, albeit formulated in a way that is technically precise within the framework. This has proved to be meaningful to both academic and non-academic partners alike. With both parties equally intellectually invested, they open the door to deep and long-lasting engagement, allowing the cultivation of impact.

Each year, CAMaCS will drive a series of several problem formulation workshops for the benefit of Warwick academics, InRAs, PhD students and postdocs as well as opening the doors to industrial partners and other modelling stakeholders. These will be open not just to academics in Mathematics/Statistics/CS but all other departments on campus where there is the potential to open the door to impact in the long term. CAMaCS will experiment with a variety of different formats.

Finding Us

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