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Lisa Langston


Currently completing MSc in Scientific Research and Communication at University of Warwick.

I am interested in the communication of science to the general public, especially zoology and genetics.

Project - Understanding of basic genetics amongst the UK public

Supervisor Professor Kevin Moffat

During summer 2019, I undertook a research project which examined public understanding of genetics. This involved conducting surveys with visitors at local leisure settings, alongside a display on genetics and metamorphosis, which I designed.

My research has revealed areas of genetics which are not well understood by the general public. These include: genetic inheritance, the universality and composition of DNA, and the interaction between genes and the environment. It is hoped that these findings can inform science educators as to how they can improve the communication of genetics.

Previous Education

BSc in Biological Sciences (Zoology), University of Birmingham (2015-2018).

During my undergraduate degree, I specialised in genetics, animal behaviour and evolutionary biology. My final project looked at the genetic evidence for interbreeding between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals.

Outreach at the ThinkTank science museum, Birmingham.


Twitter: @LisaLang2010