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Viktoria Zsar

Persoal information

viktoria dot zsar at warwick dot ac dot uk

zs dot viki97 at gmail dot com


MSc research project, University of Warwick (2019)
The effet of adducts on the fragmentation of agrochemicals - O'Connor research group

Agrochemicals are toxic compound used for crop protection. However, they are only applied to the field they can still get into our ecosystem contaminating our water, soil and food. By creating libraries of the fragmentation patterns of these compounds they can be easily detected in complex matrix samples and their levels can be regulated. During my project, I investigated the effect of sodium, potassium, and proton adduct ions and also the difference between collisionally activated dissociation (CAD) and electron-induced dissociation (EID) fragmentation methods with a 12 T Bruker Solarix Fourier transform ion cyclotron mass spectrometer. The assigned mass spectra could be potentially used in the future to detect the 7 investigated agrochemical in environmental rea life samples.

Other research experience

  • Team Research project (University of Warwick 2019): Comparing the health benefits of green and black tea
  • BSc Research project, Budapest (University of Eotvos Lorand, 2017-2018): Characterising an LC-MS/MS method for detecting 24 primary aromatic amines in acidic food simulant after solid-phase extraction

Personal profile

I carried out a Bachelor's degree (BSc) in chemistry with a specification in analytical chemistry at the University of Eotvos Lorand in Hungary. I spent several months at the quality control department of Sanofi pharmaceutical company as a trainee. I moved to the UK in 2018 to carry out a Master's degree at the University of Warwick.