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Inorganic Molecules and Materials Across Scales

New Year 2 Module for 2024-25

Discussion Team: Richard Walton (to lead), Ross Hatton, Reini Maurer, Mark Senn, Peter Scott, Seb Pike, Mike Ward, Adrian Chaplin, Claudia Blindauer, Paolo Coppo 

This module is intended to give a deeper oversight of inorganic chemistry, ranging from molecular systems (e.g. organometallic complexes) to solid-state systems (e.g. band theory, metals, conductors, semi-conductors).

As a starting point, this module incorporates content from CH267: Transitional Metal Chemistry, CH274: Electrons in molecules and solids (especially the sections on solids), CH272: Materials and Polymers (the inorganic materials part).

The new Year 1 modules on Moodle are prerequisites:

Course: CH164:Atoms and Molecules | Moodle@Warwick

Course: CH166:Molecules and Materials across the Periodic Table | Moodle@Warwick

Outline syllabus for CH166

Initial notes provided by Julie:

Module Brief: Inorganic Molecules and Materials Across Scales

Module Brief: Catalysis From Molecules to Surfaces

Module Brief: Energy

Module Brief: Materials and Molecules of the Modern World

Working documents:

Notes from discussion group 10112023.docx

Working document for “Inorganic Molecules and Materials"

Updated Year Module Plan 1st December 2023: Working document for Inorganic Molecules and Materials 01122023.docx

Working document for year 3 Optional Module “Catalysis”