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Useful Links

  1. University wide maternity policy (link here)
  2. University childcare services (link here childcare voucher info here)
  3. University wide academic processes on probation/promotion/leave/recruitment (link here)
  4. Diversity training (link here)
  5. Wellbeing (link here)
  6. Staff in distress (link here)
  7. Staff helping students in distress (link here)
  8. Flexible working guidelines (link here)
  9. Mental health (link here)
  10. Sick pay (link here)
  11. Prescription safety glasses (link here)

Early Career Research Fellowships

(link here)

Warwick Postdoctoral Fellowship Schemes


IAS Early Career Innovation Fellowships


ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship

23 March 2022