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Benson Mwanza


I am an MSc (IAMBEC) student and I enrolled for my course on 1/12/2005. JPEG 37.3 KB

At the moment I am completing some modules I had missed when I joined the course, and I have embarked on my project.


About my project: 

Circular and Linear dichroism characterization of protein biopharmaceutical products and other biomacromolecules.


Supervisor: Alison Rodger (Biophysical chemistry; group page.)

Project outline:Traditionally the focus of analytical chemistry has been the identification and /or characterisation of well defined small molecules.This has been particularly true in the pharmaceutical industry.However the landscape of available drugs is changing dramatically with the introduction of macromolecular biopharmaceutical active ingredients ranging from simple protein molecules (e.g. monoclonal antibodies) to complexes formulated in vehicles designed for targeted delivery.With macromolecular active ingredients it is not only important to prove that the atoms are bonded correctly to one another when formulated.Its also essential to prove that they are correctly folded and in the correct local environment.In this project I will focus on developing linear dichroism and circular dichroism into methods for characterising biopharmaceuticals with the ultimate aim of them being used for batch characterisation and/or diagnostic tools in clinical biochemistry.

Analytical procedures:

1) Data collection of a wide range of biopharmaceutical CD spectra.

2) Memrane protein analysis.

3) Infra red spectroscopy.