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Laboratory Skills

During my time at University, I have developed a range of different laboratory skills. I am able to pipette and measure accurately; I have done experiments using titrations, colorimeters, infra-red spectroscopy, NMR and linear dichroism and feel confident doing them. Also, I have done microscale synthetic procedures and understand the importance of COSHH safety measures. I have learnt basic molecular biology skills such as agarose gel electrophoresis and capillary electrophoresis.

While working during my industrial year I used a number of pieces of equipment such as a torque machine and an instron machine. As well I learnt to perform daily calibrations on balances.

Scientific Skills

I have had to write numerous scientific reports and papers for different courses. I am able to analyze data and draw conclusions from the results I obtain. I have also had to make posters to display experiments. Presentations are an important and useful format to display research and I have given these in both the academic situations and the industry situation.

During my industrial year I had to write many different documents such as certificates of analysis and standard operating procedures. I have qualified a piece of equipment and helped to develop a new method.

Computer Skills

I have used extensively Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I am also able to use alternative software used for data analysis such as Kaledograph. I have also learned to use more specialized programs for previous employment whilst at a pharmaceutical company, in an administrative role and a receptionist role. These packages were understood quickly and my ability to use them was prominent.

Extra Skills

I am a trained fire marshal