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May 2008

I entered the University of Warwick postgraduate poster competition. Unfortunately I didnt place. But I was given a lot of useful feedback on how to improve my posters in the future.

The poster I presented there can be seen below. The main issue with the poster was the font size being too small and that the poster was aimed at scientists. The positives were in my presentation skills. These will be taken into consideration when I make my next poster.

Poster competition official photo

Me on the right hand side (well the back of my head) presenting my first year research poster



My First Year Research Poster

June/July 2009

I entered a poster representing my second year research at both the University of Warwick, Department of Chemistry postgraduate symposium and the EBSA conference in Genoa, Italy.

At the postgraduate symposium the poster attracted many questions and discussions in to my area of research, which I like to consider is the aim of a poster, so I am very happy with that response.


2nd year poster

September 2010

I attended the British Society of Human Genetics (BSHG) conference in September 2010 which was held at the University of Warwick. I presented a poster there in collaboration with Addenbrookes Hospital which shows the work I did there.

Genetics poster

n.b. the posters shown above have been made intentionally small so that they are not legible. The purpose of this page is to show the styles of posters rather than the content. If you have any questions regarding the posters content then please fill out the form on the contact me page