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1998 Publications

  • Rodger, A., Nordén, B. “A coupled-oscillator type approach to magnetic circular dichroism” Enantiomer, 1998, 3, 409-421
  • Rodger, A.; Latham, H.C.; Wormell, P.; Parkinson, A.; Ismail, M.; Sanders, K.J. “DNA-drug system: how circular dichroism data is complemented by other spectroscopic techniques” Enantiomer, 1998, 3, 395-408Ismail, M.A.; Sanders, K.J.; Fennel, G.C.; Latham, H.C.; Wormell, P.; Rodger, A. “Spectroscopic studies of 9-Hydroxyellipticine binding to DNA” Biopolymers, 1998, 46, 127-143