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Dr Katharina Brinkert Group


The Brinkert Group is broadly interested in artificial photosynthesis systems for the production of oxygen and valuable chemicals such as fuels, but also new molecules which are of relevance e.g., to the pharmaceutical industry. We employ semiconductor-electrocatalyst systems for the solar-to-chemical energy conversion process which we develop and analyze pre- and post-catalysis using surface sensitive techniques such as XPS and optical methods such as AFM, HRSEM and HRTEM to identify compositional and topographical changes after (photo-)electrocatalysis.


Coming soon!


We're currently looking for a PhD candidate to develop and investigate semiconductor-electrocatalyst systems for photoelectrochemical ammonia and amine production (see current advertisement). Please get in touch if you are interested!

We always look for new team members! Please get in contact for master's projects, PhD position openings and postdoctoral opportunities! We are also happy to support you with your own scholarship application.


Another drop tower week is coming up! From January 28th to 31st we will be at the Bremen Drop Tower to analyze different electrocatalyst nanotopographies for light-assisted hydrogen production in microgravity environment!