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Chemical biology and medicinal chemistry

Our Magic-Tag® technology (funded by BBSRC grant GR88/EGM17690) has recently been used to discover a putative interaction between β2-adrenoreceptor agonists and ATF4. See Tangent Reprofiling Ltd (part of SEEK). Key paper.

With DEG Consultancy Ltd we are currently developing novel imaging agents. Coming soon-Hopefully!

Recent published papers in this area

  1. Using the Man(9)(GlcNAc)-DC-SIGN pairing to probe specifity in photochemical immobilisaition. S. J. Dilly, A. J. Clark, D. A. Mitchell, A. Marhs, P. C. Taylor, Molecular Biosystem, 2011, 7, 116
  2. Rapid Identification of a Putative Interaction between beta-2-Adrenorecpetor Agonsits and ATF4 using a Chemical Genomics Approach, S. R. Ladwa, S. J. Dilly, A. J. Clark, A. Marsh, P. C. Taylor, ChemMedChem, 2008, 3, 372.
  3. Peptide / Protien identification using photoreactive carriers for immobilisation of the ligands. A. J. Clark, S. J. Dilly, A. Marsh, R. Napier, P. C. Taylor, Patent, 2007, WO/2007/020453, PCT/GB2006/003089
  4. Function and Stability of Abscisic Acid Acyl Hydrazone Conjugates by LC-MS2 of ex vivo Samples. T. Smith, A. J. Clark, R. Napier, P.C. Taylor, A. J. Thompson, A. Marsh, Bioconjugate Chemistry 2007, 18, 1355-1359.
  5. A Photoimobilisation Strategy that Maximises Exploration of Chemical Space in Small Molecule Affinity Selection and Target Discovery. S.J. Dilly, M. J. Bell, A. J. Clark, A. Marsh, R. Napier, M. J. Sergeant, A. J. Thompson, P.C. Taylor, Chem. Commun, 2007, 2808-2810.
  6. Practical Syntheses of [1,3,5]-Triazine Dendritic Molecules on Solid Supports. S. J. Dilly, S. J. Carlisle, A. J. Clark, A. R. Shepherd, S. C. Smith, P. C. Taylor, and A. Marsh, J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem. A. 2006, 44, 7, 2248-2254.
  7. Novel Tertiary Amine Oxide Surfaces that Resist Nonspecific Protein Adsorption, S. J. Dilly, M. P. Beecham, S. P. Brown, A. J. Clark, A. Marsh, P. C. Taylor. Langmuir, 2006, 22, 8144.




Dr. Paul Taylor

Dr.Andrew Marsh

Prof. Richard Napier

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Dr. Andrew Thompson


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