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Recent Group Members

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. M. A. Ahmad

Dr. S. R. Coles

Dr. A. E. C. Collis

Dr. S. Dilley

Dr. J. A. Sherringham,

Dr. T. A. Straw,

Dr. L. Y. Mwaikambo,

Dr. D. D. Duncalf


Postgraduate Students

A. Sellars: 2015

C. Guy: 2014

D. Woodcock: 2013

L. Halliwell: 2013

Seng-Soi Hoong: Synthesis of oligomers and polymers from plant oil derivatives, 2013

H. Parekh: Evolvable Process Design, 2011.

P. Wilson: Reducing Catalyst Loading in Radical Cyclisation Reactions and Investigating Atropisomers in Enamides, 2010.

N. P. Murphy: Radical aromatic cyclisation and substitution reactions, 2008.

J. V.Geden: Copper (I) mediated radical cyclisation, novel approaches towards nitrogen heterocycles, 2005.

D. Patel: The synthesis and rearrangement of N-alkyl-O-acyl hydroxamic acid derivatives, 2003.

G. Battle: Copper mediated atom transfer radical cyclisations, 2002.

Y. S. S. Al-Faiyz: The Chemistry of O-acyl derivatives of N-alkyl hydroxamic acids, 2002.

J. P. McDonagh: Highly efficient synthesis of heterocycles via 5-endo radical cyclisation, 2001.

N. A. Hunt: Use of zirconium, titanium and copper in some asymmetric carbon-carbon bond forming reactions, 2001.

J. Ellard: Studies towards the synthesis of L-755,807: a novel, non-peptide bradykinin antagonist, 2000.

R. P. Filik: Synthesis of N-heterocycles via radical cyclisation, 2000.

H. Wongtap: A radical approach to nitrogen heterocycles, 1999. 

K. E. Worsfold: Development of novel stationary phases for use in chromatography, 1999.

J. L. Peacock:Synthesis of N-heterocycles via amidyl radical cyclisation, 1998.

S. Rooke: Some reactions of vinyl sulfimides and synthesis of novel inhibitors of tetrahydrofolate reductase, 1997.

I. Kasujee: Organozirconation of aldehydes, 1994-1998.


Masters Students:

Y. J. Li: Copper mediated atom transfer radical cyclisations in ionic liquids, 2004.

Z. Khayat: Development and analysis of activity of new antibiotics, 2002.

L. Yahya: The preparation of alpha halo compounds and their 6-exo cyclisation via atom transfer radical cyclisiation, 2001.

A. M. Tebbatt: Studies towards the synthesis of the ring system of non-peptide bradykinin antagonist L-755,807 and its analogues, 2000.

Y. S. S. Al-Faiyz: The rearrangement of hydroxamic acid derivatives, 1998.

S. L. Richards: The design and evaluation of novel carbamate chiral stationary phases, 1998.


MChem and Final Year BSc Students:

Christopher Robinson (2013), Sam Cobb (2013), Scott Ryan (2013)

Yolanda Tong (2012), Sophia Javaid (2012)

Milan Fowkes (2011), Jade Feeney (2011)

Eleanor Kerr (2010), Bruce Dean (2010)

Collette Guy (2009), Natalie James (2009)

Claire McMaster (2008), Sreeya Day (2008)

Deborah Evans (2007), Phil Rushworth (2007)

William Ayling (2006)

On Sabbatical (2005)

Ian Ridpath (2004)

Douglas Byrne (2003), Lee Ryan (2003)

Peter Maudsley (2002), Stacey Van Houplins (2002),

Emma Melia (2001)

Lucy Palmer (2000),

John Brazier (1999)

? (1998)

Stuart Conway (1997),

John Ellard (1996), Caroline Guestford (1996), Mustaq Mulla (1996)

Sharon Downing (1995), Richard Hopkins (1995), Lee Smith (1995), Alan Wadsworth (1995)

? (1994)


Visiting Students:

T. Debure (2007)