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Renewable composites

We have used renewable feedstocks developed from vegetable and other plants oils along with plant fibres to prepare polyurethane/fibre composites that mimic the physical propeteis fo conventional fibre glass.

The effect of different oils (rapeseed, palm, soy, euphorbia etc) and fibres (hemp, jute or miscanthus) on the physical properties of composites (impact strength, tensile strength etc) have been compared. The biodegradability of materials has been measured and is effected by the fibre content. Materials have been compression moulded into trays and have been layered into composite body parts for the eco-car. Composites with triglycerides have been used to make a surfboard (exhibited a tthe Royal Show 2008).


Selected publications

Mechanical Properties of Hemp Fibre Reinforced Euphorbia Composites. A. J. Clark, N. J. Tucker, L. Mwaikambo. MacroMol. Mat. Engin. 2007, 292, 993-1000.


Compression moulded rapeseed / hemp composite.

cocoa butter

Cocoa butter / hemp composite


Andy in Eco-1


Surfboard made from renewable composite