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Ciaran Guy

PhD Project

My research project is focused on the design and characterisation of novel membrane proteins with a focus on the interactions between de-novo designed trans-membrane domains and the impact of amino acid sequence on this complex area of protein structure. Under the supervision of Dr Ann Dixon, I am using computational modelling techniques to inform the creation of a set of small proteins that will be analysed with a range of biophysical techniques to fully characterise the structures and interactions that are formed.

Academic Background

2017 - present Synthetic Biology CDT University of Warwick/ University of Oxford  
2013 - 2016 BSc Biochemistry University of Bristol First Class Honours

Previous Research

CDT Short Project July - October 2018
Retargeting of Photorhabdus Virulence Cassette specificity through tail fibre exchange and click chemistry mediated modifications
Supervised by Dr Nick Waterfield (University of Warwick Medical School)

CDT Short Project April - July 2018
Characterisation of the structure and oligomeric state of a set of design protein transmembrane domains
Supervised by Dr Ann Dixon (University of Warwick Department of Chemistry)

BSc Final Year Project September 2015 - January 2016
Modification of CRISPR-Cas guide RNAs for import and activity on mitochondrial DNA
Supervised by Professor Mark Szczelkun (University of Bristol)

Other things

When I get any spare time I enjoy cooking, fire spinning and breaking myself walking unreasonably long distances and up mountains by the worst possible routes I can find.

Office: AS4.13
Materials and Analytical Sciences
University of Warwick