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The GibsonGroup are interested in how we can use biomaterials and bio-engineering approaches to address global heathcare challenges. We have current research programs in;

Cell and protein (biologic) cryopreservation, learning from how extremeophiles survive

Glyco-biology/nanotechnology, to mimic the complexities of the cell glycalyx to develop

New non-traditional antimicrobials

New diagnostic tools



Our latest work in ACS MacroLetters:

Double-Modified Glycopolymers from Thiolactones to Modulate Lectin Selectivity and Affinity


Our latest work in the design of new materials to mimic complex glycan function and to inhibit bacterial toxins has been published in ACS Macro Letters. We have previously shown that synthetic polymers bearing carbohydrates in specific orientations or densities on polymer chains can give rise to increased affinity towards bacterial lectins (toxins) and may have application as decoys to prevent infection. However, many glycopolymers are rather basic simply having lots of glycans on a flexible polymer chain. In this work, we collaborated with Prof Filip du Prez (Gent, Belgium) using their thiolactone chemistry to enable us to introduce two functional units per repeat unit of the polymer.


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