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The GibsonGroup are interested in how we can use biomaterials and bio-engineering approaches to address global heathcare challenges. We have current research programs in;

Cell and protein (biologic) cryopreservation, learning from how extremeophiles survive

Glyco-biology/nanotechnology, to mimic the complexities of the cell glycalyx to develop

New non-traditional antimicrobials

New diagnostic tools



Our latest work has been published in Materials Horizons


In this work we describe a new method to enable proteins to be cryopreserved without the need for any organic solvents, using only polymers. This is inspired by how extermophile organisms survive cold temperatures and is a unique method to store crucial pharmaceutics and biocatalysts.

Ice-Recrystallization Inhibiting Polymers Protect Proteins Against Freeze-Stress and Enable Glycerol-Free Cryostorage

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