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Dr. Dinesha Dabera

Having completed my undergraduate studies in Sri Lanka (B.Sc Chemistry – University of Colombo, Graduate Chemist – Institute of Chemistry Ceylon), I joined the Advanced Technology Institute, University of Surrey where I pursued my PhD (2010-2013) under Prof. Ravi Silva on ‘Functionalisation of carbon nanotubes for hybrid photovoltaics’.
I joined the Hatton group in 2015 and I currently work on ‘Engineering hybrid interface materials for thin film photovoltaics’.

Research Interests

1. Synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials (metal nanoparticles, metal oxide nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, graphene)
2. Fabrication of nanomaterial embedded, thin film organic and perovskite photovoltaics


Journal publications

1. Retarding oxidation of copper nanoparticles without electrical isolation and the size dependence of work function. Dabera, G.D.M.R.; Walker, M.; Sanchez, A. M.; Pereira, H. J.; Beanland, R.; Hatton, R. A. Nature Communications 2017, 8, 1894
2. Copper light-catching electrodes for organic photovoltaics. Pereira, H. J.; Hutter, O. S.; Dabera, G. D. M. R.; Rochford, L. A.; Hatton, R. A. Sustainable Energy Fuels, 2017, 1, 859-865
3. High efficiency air stable organic photovoltaics with an aqueous inorganic contact. Jayawardena, K. D. G. I.; Li, S.; Sam, L. F.; Smith, C. T. G.; Beliatis, M. J.; Gandhi, K. K.; Prabhath, M. R. R.; Pozegic, T. R.; Chen, S.; Xu, X.; Dabera, G. D. M. R.; Rozanski, L. J.; Sporea, R. A.; Mills, C. A.; Guo, X.; Silva, S. R. P. Nanoscale 2015, 7, 34
4. Does electronic type matter when carbon nanotubes are used as transparent electrodes. Dabera, G.D.M.R.; Prabhath, M.R.R.; Lai, K.T.; Jayawardena, K.D.G.I; Sam, F.L.M; Rozanski, L.J.; Adikaari, A.A.D.T.; Silva, S.R.P. Advanced Functional Materials 2015, 25, 4520–4530
5. Tunable Scattering from Liquid Crystal Devices using Carbon Nanotube Network Electrodes. *Khan, A. A.; *Dabera, G. D. M. R.; *Butt, H.; Qasim, M.M.; Amaratunga, G. A. J.; Silva, S. R. P.; Wilkinson, T.D. Nanoscale 2015, 7, 330-336
* Equal contribution
6. Metal grid-polymer-carbon nanotubes electrodes for high luminance organic light emitting diodes. Sam, F. L. M.; Dabera, G.D.M.R.; Lai, K.T.; Mills C. A.; Rozanski, L.J.; Silva, S.R.P. Nanotechnology 2014, 25 (34) 345202
7. A critical look at organic photovoltaic fabrication methodology: Defining performance enhancement parameters relative to active area. Rozanski, L.J.; Smith, C. T.G.; Gandhi, K. K.; Beliatis, M. J.; Dabera, G.D.M.R.; Jayawardena, K.D.G.I.; Adikaari, A.A.D.T.; Kearney, M.J.; Silva, S.R.P. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2013, 130, 513-520
8. Solution processed reduced graphene oxide/metal oxide hybrid electron transport layers for highly efficient polymer solar cells. Jayawardena, K. D. G. I.; Rhodes, R.; Gandhi, K. K.; Prabhath, M. R. R.; Dabera, G. D. M. R.; Beliatis, M. J.; Rozanski, L. J.; Henley, S. J.; Silva, S. R. P. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2013, 1, (34), 9922-9927
9. Hybrid carbon nanotube networks as efficient hole extraction layers for organic photovoltaics. Dabera, G.D.M.R.; Jayawardena, K.D.G.I.; Prabhath, M.R.R.; Yahya, I.; Tan, Y.Y.; Nismy, N.A.; Shiozawa, H.; Sauer, M.; Ruiz-Soria, G.; Ayala, P.; Stolojan, V.; Adikaari, A.A.D.T.; Jarowski, P.D.; Pichler, T.; Silva, S.R.P. ACS Nano 2012, 7, (1), 556-565