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Chemistry Dr Matthew Jenner Research Group

Dr Matthew Jenner Research Group


Research in the Jenner Lab focuses on the application of mass spectrometry, in combination with other analytical and structural techniques, to solve complex biological problems.

Our primary interest concerns the enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of polyketide and non-ribosomal peptide natural products – this includes a fundamental understanding of their structures, mechanisms and protein-protein interactions.

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May 2024: Mia Foran and Abbe Lowe win PG Symposium Prizes.

Nov 2023: Candace Ho joins the lab as a PDRA

Oct 2023: Joe Newman starts as a PhD student in the lab.

Oct 2023: Abbe Lowe (MRes) and Oscar Pycroft (MChem) join the lab.

May 2023: New paperLink opens in a new window in Nat. Commun. on elucidating fungal siderophore biosynthesis

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