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M Wills current group

For 2020-2021 we can't do a group photo like the one below, However all the members of the group are shown below, individually. :-)

group oct 2019

From the 2019-2020 academic year. October 2019: Neelam, Adam, Mohammed, Jon, Martin, David, Vijyesh, Sam, Hannah, Shweta, Ye.

malverns 2019

August 2019 (in the Malvern Hills) Shweta, Vijyesh, Jon, Martin, Sam, Ye and Neelam.

Current group members (October 2020 - September 2021 academic year):


Martin Wills Professor of Organic Chemistry

BSc Imperial College 1985.

DPhil Oxford (with Prof Steve Davies) 1988.

Postdoc (Prof W. Oppolzer, Geneva) 1988-1989.

Lecturer, Bath University 1989-1995.

Reader and then Professor, Warwick University, since 1995.


Vijyesh Vyas

Visiting PhD student June-September 2017. Vijyesh is back in Mumbai now and recently finished his PhD. Vijyesh rejoined the group as a Newton Fellow at the start of December 2018 - March 2021. Welcome back Vijyesh!


Sam Forshaw

MSc by research 2015-2016. Recently completed and passed his MSc.

PhD student from October 2017-Sept 2021, on strained alkynes and in collaboration with AstraZeneca.


 Jonathan Barrios-Rivera. PhD from Oct 2017- Sept 2021. Working on a project on asymmetric catalysis in collaboration with Golden Keys Material Company, China.


Shweta Gediya. PhD student October 2018- September 2022, working on Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation and Dynamic Kinetic Resolution.


Ye Zheng PhD student, October 2018- September 2022, working on Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of hindered ketones.

adam cowden Adam Cowden, MAS CDT PhD student October 2019-September 2022. Working on the synthesis and studies of Novel sunscreens in Collaboration with the Vas Stavros group.
Noha picture for group website

Noha Khamis, PhD Student October 2020-September 2023. Working in asymmetric catalysis using iron complexes, and associated computational studies.

Rob Messias photo

Rob Messias, year 4 MChem research student 2020-2021. working on Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation.


Neelam Tiwari, Visiting Researcher 2019-2021, working on new strained alkynes.