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M Wills current group

Current and recent members below

Group 081122

Above - November 2022; Martin, Will, Marianna, Joe, Andrew, Noha

Group March 2021 Vijyesh and Neelam leaving

Above: Neelam and Vijyesh leaving meeting March 2021: Neelam, Shweta, Ye, Vijyesh, Noha, Jon, Sam, Rob, Adam.

Current and recent group members (October 2022 - September 2023 academic year) below:

Martin Wills Professor of Organic Chemistry

BSc Imperial College 1985.

DPhil Oxford (with Prof Steve Davies) 1988.

Postdoc (Prof W. Oppolzer, Geneva) 1988-1989.

Lecturer, Bath University 1989-1995.

Reader and then Professor, Warwick University, since 1995.


Shweta Gediya. PhD student October 2018- September 2022, working on Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation and Dynamic Kinetic Resolution. Shweta his now completing her thesis.


Ye Zheng PhD student, October 2018- September 2022, working on Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation of hindered ketones. Ye has completed her PhD now and is working at Apex Molecular.

adam cowden Adam Cowden, MAS CDT PhD student October 2019-September 2022. Working on the synthesis and studies of Novel sunscreens in Collaboration with the Vas Stavros group. Adam is writing up his thesis now.
Noha picture for group website

Noha Khamis, PhD Student October 2020-September 2023. Working in asymmetric catalysis using iron complexes, and associated computational studies.

.Will Scott July 2022 William Scott January 2020 - Sept 2023. Will is working on a joint project with Prof Mohan Balasubramanian, Warwick Medical School.
Joe Stanley Joe Stanley October 2022- September 2026. Joe is working on a project on polyene functionalisation, as part of a larger Prosperity Partnership project in collaboration with Lubrizol.
Marianna Diamantakis Marianna Diamantakis and Andrew Stevens MChem project students 2022-2023