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Prof Wills Older Teaching Materials



My teaching materials are now distributed via Moodle

there are some older/supplementary materials here for general reference (not linked to any particular course) and material from previous years;

the following resources may be useful for undergraduate students:

Year 1 emergency Advice on arrow pushing,

Year 1 Professor Wills' slides on basics of organic chemistry (including R/S notation and chirality). This may help you understand formal charge, polarity etc. and R/S notation. See slides 1-41 on this handout.

Year 1 Professor Wills' ORGANIC CHEMISTRY MECHANISM slides on organic mechanisms. See slides 42-128 on this handout. This may help you to understand mechanistic arrows if you are finding this difficult.

Year 2 'How to draw a cyclohexane chair in 3D' (pdf).

year 3 energy lecture MW on hydrogen research.


Postgraduate demonstrator training short talk (to be updated) and lab reports from the course available on request from M Wills, if you want to see how they were marked A B C D E.

Visit this external site - CHEMTUBE 3D - for examples of 3D visualisation of organic reaction mechanisms (strongly recommended). This has been constructed by Dr Nick Greeves, of Liverpool University (one of the Authors of the Organic Chemistry book we recommend for your course).

PG study at Warwick.

Material from older courses.


Year 3 pre 2010 - CH3B0 Understanding Organic Chemistry Handout handout from M. Wills.

Year 3 pre 2010 - CH3B0 Understanding Organic Chemistry model answers to exams.

Year 4 Pre 2011 CH402 Asymmetric Catalysis Handout from M. Wills. Some reading suggestions are here. Aspartame synthesis and mechanisms

Year 4 Pre 2011 CH402 Asymmetric Catalysis model answers to past exams. Past CH402 papers to 2009 are here and for the 2010 and 2011 questions just click on the years.

The older CH402 material may be useful for those taking the new CH3E4 course.