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Reviews and Books

35) 'A diversity of recently reported methodology for asymmetric imine reduction', Jonathan Barrios-Rivera, Yingjian Xu, Martin Wills and Vijyesh Vyas, Organic Chemistry Frontiers (Org. Chem. Front.), 2020, 7, 3312-3342, accepted 2nd September 2020, first published 3rd September 2020.

34) 'Applications of N′-monofunctionalised TsDPEN derivatives in asymmetric catalysis' Jonathan Barrios-Rivera, Yingjian Xu and Martin Wills, Org. Biomol. Chem. 2019,17, 1301-1321, first published on 04 Jan 2019.

33) 'The Development of Phosphine-Free "Tethered" Ruthenium(II) Catalysts for the Asymmetric Reduction of Ketones and Imines', Hans G. Nedden, Antonio Zanotti-Gerosa and Martin Wills. Jointly authored with Johnson Matthey, Cambridge. First published: 15 August 2016. The Chemical Record, Volume 16, Issue 6
December 2016, Pages 2619–2639. Available in open-access form.


32) 'Imino Transfer Hydrogenation Reactions' ReviewTopics in Current Chemistry, April 2016, 374:14

First online: 14 March 2016.

A review of methods for imine reduction, including asymmetric reductions.


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Online Conferences

“Recent Developments in the area of Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation”, contribution to the 2nd Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry (ECSOC-2), 1-30 September 1998 (invited paper). M. Wills, M. J. Palmer, A. R. C. Smith, J. A. Kenny and T. Walsgrove.