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Former Wills Group Members

The Martin Wills Group


Past Group Members

Where are they now ? Former group members (PhD/Postdoc/MSc) - the list may not be fully up to date and may be initial destinations in some cases:

Ian Linney (PhD 1993) James Black Foundation, London
David Hose (PhD 1994) Zeneca Pharms, Avlon.
Barry Burns (postdoc) Loctite Ireland
Eric Merifield (postdoc) Astra Zeneca.
Doug. Critcher (PhD 1995) Pfizer Central Research
John Studley (PhD 1995) a chemist at Vertex
Guy Brenchley (PhD 1995) also a chemist at Vertex
Mark Gamble (postdoc) Resolution Chemicals
Heather Tye (PhD 1996) EvotecOAI
Wilson Leung (PhD 1997) Tripos Chemicals, Bude
Matt. Palmer (PhD 1997) Postdoc with A. Padwa (USA)
Don Smyth (postdoc) Amersham International
Athene Smith (Née Simm, PhD 1998) EvotecOAI
Louise Walker (PhD 1998) Postdoc then working in industry
Richard Tipple (MSc 1998) Arval PHH
Dr Simon Breeden (1998-1999) Facilities Manager, York Chemistry.
Dr Olivier Chiodi (postdoc 1998-1999) Teaching in France
Rick Downing (PhD) writing up
Dr Samia Ebrahim (Postdoc to 1999) Not known
Chris Edwards (PhD 2000, PD) Teaching in Kenya
Jennifer Kenny (PhD) writing up
David Morris (completed PhD 2000) Working at startup company in Ireland.
Roger Mutter (completed PhD 2000)

Archimed medical communication ag, Switzerland

Cida Kawamoto (postdoc 1999-2000) Brazilian Institute of Aeronautics and Space
Ahmed Bourghida (completed PhD 2002) Working at BMS, Dublin.
Gerard Hobley (completed PhD 2002) Postdoccing in Puerto Rico
Sharon Bowden (completed MSc 2001)


Dave Cross (completed PhD 2002) Tripos chemicals, Bude
Atsushi Nagasawa (visitor 2002) Kao coporation, Japan.
Jerome Hannedouche (completed PhD 2003) Faculty position -University of Orsay (Paris XI)
Philip Peach (completed PhD 2003) Working at Pfizer, Sandwich
Aveline Yim (completed PhD 2003) Working in the retail sector.
Richard Eaves (completed PhD 2003) Postdoc in the USA
Jeff Ansell (completed MSc 2005) Working in electronics
Dr Stephanie Bastin (Postdoc Sept 2001-June 2003) Faculty position in Toulouse
Enrique Llaudet(Research with Biol Sci joint project 2001-2004) Was working in Biol Sci
Alexandre Lapis(Visiting student from Brazil 2004) Now teaching in Brazil
Glynn Williams (PhD student 2001-2004) Working at GSK, Stevenage.
Aidan Hayes (PhD student 2002-2005) Teaching in London
Yingjian (Andy) Xu (PhD student 2002-2005) Now running his own chemical company, based in China.
Marie Sircoglou (Erasmus student 2005) lecturer in the Université d'Orsay (Paris XI) Université Paris-Saclay, Orsay.
Marzia Mazzacurati (Summer student in 2005 and 2006) Now working with BASF in Italy
Franco Minissi (MSc student 2004-2006) Currently working in the chemical industry in Italy
Daljit Matharu (PhD student 2004-2006) Working in research in the US.
Adriana Lorente (Erasmus student 2007) Has finished her degree in Barcelona.
Dr Changxue Lin (Postdoc April 2006-Dec 2007) Now working as a scientist at Novartis China.
Dr Bhavana Tripathi (Postdoc Sept 2005-March 2008) Teaching and researching.
Fung Kei (Kathy) Cheung (PhD student Oct 2004-Sept 2007) Working as a chemist at Pfizer.

Miguel Contreras Redondo (Erasmus student 2007-2008)

Finished his degree in Barcelona.
A. Simon Partridge (Final year student 2007-2008) Completed a PhD at Imperial College.

Akira Shiibashi (visitor from Tokyo March-June 2007)

Finished his degree at Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Dr Silvia Gosiewska (Postdoc from July 2008-March 2009)

Now doing chemistry at DSM in The Netherlands.

Daurgirdas Tomas Racys (MChem 2008-09) Doing a PhD in Bristol
Xiaolu (Lucy) Jiang (MChem 2008-09) Working in China
Lisa Hawkes (MChem 2008-09) Completed a masters course
Dorothy Ong Visitor from NTU singapore 2009 Completed her course in NTU Singapore
Jose Eduardo Damas Martins (PD in 2007 and 4/2008-9/2009)

Now an academic at UFRGS, Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil

John-Michael Collinson (Buster) project student 2009-10

Completed a PhD at Imperial College

Jamie Godfrey project student 2009-10 Completed a PhD at Warwick
Emma London project student 2009-10 Working in industry
Charles Manville PhD 2006-2010 Working in industry.
Jonathan Hopewell Postdoc 2009-2011 Working at Lilly.
Jasmine Desmond and Peter Crane project students MChems in 2010-11; Both went on to do PhDs.
Charlotte Zammit MSc 2010-2011 MSc student from 2011-2012, completed a PhD at Oxford
Vimal Parekh PhD 2007-2011 Working at Polytherics
Tarn Johnson PhD 2009-2013 Completed PhD 2012, recently postdoccing at Leeds.
Will Totty and Alistair Wallace project students MChems 2011-12.
Muftah Darwish PhD 2009-2012 Completed his PhD in 2013 and now working in Libya
Katie Jolley PhD 2010-2013 Working as a postdoc at Leeds, now at Southampton
Julien Del Corpo ERASMUS visitor 2013 Completed his degree in Caen
Cassandra Felices MSc project student 2013 Working in Gibraltar.
James Fuster project student 2013 Completed his MChem
Dr Rina Soni. PhD 2011, postdoc to 2013. Working at M S University of Baroda, India
Alex Bisset PhD student March 2009-Feb 2013 Now working in South Korea in industry.
Vicky Marlow PhD student Oct 2008-Sept 2012 Now working for The Wellcome Foundation
Zhijia (Amphi) Fang PhD student Oct 2010-Sept 2013 Now working as an academic at Qinzhou University, China
Andrew Rawlings, MSc Oct 2012-Sept 2013 Working in the aerospace industry
Ben Mitchell, Dan Moore and Josh Humphreys MChems 2013-2014. Working variously
Shiyun Chen and Hyunju An ASMIT project students 2013-2014, went on to successful completion
Alex Matthews, Stuart Kennington, Michael Chu MChems 2014-2015, working in various areas
Qi Zhang Erasmus visitor 2015.
 Roy Hodgkinson Postdoc March 2013-June 2015, now at GSK.

Maddy Cumbes, Ben Treloar and Alex Chamberlain

MChem Project Students 2015-2016. Various destinations.

Delphine Pichon.

Visiting student from Rennes, France, April-August 2016

Lavrentis Galanopoulos.

PGT ASMIT (analytical chemistry) MSc project studentApril-September 2016. Now doing a PhD at Glasgow.

Abdul Alanazi.

PGT Polymers MSc project student April-September 2016

Luke Williams

URSS project student, July-August 2016

Alessandro Del Grosso Postdoctoral Fellow Jan 2015-February 2017. Now a postdoc in Germany.
Anish Mistry Postdoctoral Fellow Oct 2016-May 2017. PDRA in Warwick.
Aikaterini (Kate) Tsatse Studied with the group from Oct-Dec 2016. Completing a PhD at IC.
Sam Forshaw MSc MSc (research) Student Oct 2015-Feb 2017, doing a PhD.
Asuka Matsunami Visiting PhD student from Japan, 30/1/17-10/3/17, working in Japan.
Shakiela Begum MSc Project student, Spring-Summer 2017.
Sahrujah Sanmuhanathan MSC project student Spring-Summer 2017.
Vijyesh Vyas Visiting PhD student mid-2017 and Newton Fellow from 2018-2021. Now a PDRA in Southampton

Rajan Chauhan

MChem Project Student 2016-2017

Lisa Igel

MSc (by research) student Oct 2016-Sept 2017.

James Coverdale PhD student from Oct 2014 - Nov 2017. now working in industry
Thomas Brown PhD student December 2013-October 2017. Teacher training.
Tom Hall PhD student from October 2013- September 2017. Representing team GB in Archery.
Richard Knighton Postdoc from March 2017-April 2018. PDRA in France.
Ren Ta Jonathan Chew A*STAR Research Fellow August 2016-August 2018, researcher at A*STAR, Singapore.
Jaime Martinez Acosta Visitor from UFMG, April-June 2018. Now an academic in Colombia.
Yean Ming Chew and Jami Reber

MSc project students March-August 2018. Jami is working in the US.

Luke Mailey and Zak Dualeh MChem students 2017-2018.
Bharat Kumar Allam Postdoctoral visitor on SERB Fellowship, Nov 2017-Nov 2018. Now an academic in India
Shaqueil, John-Paul and Matt. MChems 2018-2019. to be updated...
Hannah Adams, David Robson and Mohammed Khimji MChems 2019-2020, two are doing PhDs and one is working in patents.
Tom Squire MIBTP mini-project student 2019-2020.
Rob Messias year 4 MChem research student 2020-2021, now doing a PhD
Neelam Tiwari Visiting Researcher 2019-2021
Sam Forshaw PhD PhD student from October 2017-Sept 2021 Now at Sygnature
Jonathan Barrios-Rivera PhD student from October 2017-Sept 2021 Now at Johnson Matthey
Samson Oladeji Analytical Sciences (taught MSc) project student Spring-Summer 2022
Efstratios Nikolaidis URSS project student, Summer 2022
Ye Zheng PhD student October 2018- September 2022
Shweta Gediya PhD student October 2018- September 2022

Want to catch up with any of them? -further details available on application to M. Wills

Some old pictures of the group:

Group during Vijyesh leaving March 2021

Above: Neelam and Vijyesh leaving meeting March 2021: Neelam, Shweta, Ye, Vijyesh, Noha, Jon, Sam, Rob, Adam.

wills group during lockdown

From the 2020-2021 academic year (above). ca November 2020; Jon, Noha, Vijyesh, Sam, Rob, Ye, Neelam, Shweta, Adam.

Wills group 2019-2020

From the 2019-2020 academic year. October 2019: Neelam, Adam, Mohammed, Jon, Martin, David, Vijyesh, Sam, Hannah, Shweta, Ye.

Group in Malverns 2019

August 2019 (in the Malvern Hills) Shweta, Vijyesh, Jon, Martin, Sam, Ye and Neelam.

group nov 2018

November 2018: Ye, Shweta, JP, Shaqueil, Sam, Matt, Bharat, Jon, Martin

group may 2018

May 2018: Jami, Yean Ming, Jonathan, Bharat, Martin, Sam, Jaime.

group nov 2017

November 2017 - Martin, Rich, Zak, Luke, Jonathan B, Sam, Jonathan C.


August 2017 - Vijyesh, Richard, Martin, Jonathan, Anish.


November 2016: Alessandro, Lisa, Tom, Kate, Raj, Jonathan, Martin, Thomas.group_july_2016_cropped.jpg

July 2016: Alessandro, Lavrentis, Tom, Abdul, Martin, Luke, Thomas, Delphine, Sam.

Group Oct 2015

October 2015; Martin, Ben, Tom,Maddy, Alex, Alessandro, Thomas, Sam.

Group feb 2015

February 2015: Michael, Qi, Roy, Alessandro, Alex, Martin, Thomas B, Tom H, Stuart.


November 2014: back - Tom, Alex, Roy, Thomas, front - Stuart, Martin, Michael.

group outside june 2014

above - June 2014 - Shiyun, Hyunju, Martin, Roy, Tom, Thomas.


above - October 2013 - Rina, Ben, Martin, Dan, Tom, Amphi, Roy, Josh.


October 2012- September 2013. Above; Martin, Katie, Andrew, Rina, Muftah, Vicky, Amphi. Below; Martin, Julien, Roy, James, Cassandra, Amphi, Rina.



above - January 2012; Tarn, Vicky, Alex, Alistair, Muftah, Katie, Martin, Will, Rina, Amphi. (above)


above -November 2010: Martin, Muftah, Jon, Jasmine, Amphi, Charlotte, Tarn, Katie, Rina, Alex, Dave, Vimal.


Above - December 2009: Vicky, Rina, Buster, Jamie, Alex, Jonathan, Martin, Muftah, Charles, Vimal, Katherine, Dave, Tarn, Emma (above)



Above- October 2008: back: Silvia, Eduardo, Charles, Muftah, Tomas, Vimal, Front: Rina, Martin, Dave, Xiaolu.



above - Taken outside Kenilworth Castle, June 2007.

Adriana, Akira, Kathy, Lin, Eduardo, Dave, Martin (+ Charles in spirit).



above - Taken outside the chemistry department in Sunny Warwick University.

July 2006 - Martin, Changxue, Franco, Dave, Daljit, Stephen, Marzia, Kathy, Wen, Bhavana.



Summer 2005 - Yingjian, Martin, Marzia, Daljit, Franco, Kathy, Marie, Aidan, Glynn, sitting: Dave

From 2002:


Richard Eaves, David Cross, (Apare)Cida Kawamoto, Jerome Hannedouche, Aveline Yim, Stephanie Bastin, David Morris,

Jeff Ansell, Glynn Williams, Philip Peach.