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About the BMEI

The Biomedical Engineering Institute is a Centre that brings together broad research capabilities in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick and beyond, in the field of biomedical engineering. Staff at BMEI work on a breadth of cross-cutting problems underpinning real-world applications in the field of biomedicine, across a spectrum of perspectives from fundamental science to technological device development.

The grid below shows the main focus of our work along four major areas of application, as well as our five cross-cutting capabilities.

The areas of interest and our cross-cutting capabilities

Our Aims

  • Create a clear visible focus for BME research undertaken in the SoE linking existing strengths within the SoE;
  • Create a base for BME current and future research taking place with clinical and industrial partners, aligning with the University‚Äôs GRP for Health;
  • Forge new external collaborations with regional, national and international partners across the varied areas of research within the field of BME;
  • Create a base from whence to apply for strategic funding to National Research Councils as well as EU funding and beyond;
  • Create a base from whence to apply for future Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) in BME, as well as the potential for apprenticeships at the postgraduate level.