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Undergraduate study

Engineering, your future

Our flexible, professionally accredited undergraduate degree courses allow you to experience a broad range of engineering disciplines before deciding whether to specialise. Our multi-disciplinary approach will help you respond to tomorrow's global challenges. We have more than 120 members of staff conducting research and teaching across a broad range of engineering disciplines, providing exciting opportunities for undergraduate study and project work.

In partnership with WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group), the integrated approach to our courses will equip you with the transferable skills and knowledge required to work in industry now and into the future.

general engineering

General Engineering

An ideal entry route if you want to delay specialism or take a broad approach to Engineering.


Automotive Engineering

Creativity and innovation: the well-rounded automotive engineer will be equipped for a broad range of career options.


Biomedical Systems Engineering

Biomedical Systems Engineering incorporates concepts from multiple disciplines, to the modelling, analysis and intervention of biomedical problems.

civil engineering

Civil Engineering

The civil engineer must master the key principles of design, analysis and management to create the built environment.

computing systems engineering

Computer Systems Engineering

A joint degree with Computer Science building knowledge and skills in the design and analysis of complex systems.


Electronic Engineering

From smart phones to satellites, Electronic Engineers play a pivotal role in the design and manufacture of a vast range of products and systems.



Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Working in multidisciplinary teams, develop specialist knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering products.

electronic business

Engineering Business Management

A rigorous route to management and business roles in the engineering industry.


Mechanical Engineering

Collaborating with leading companies in the UK to research and teach at the forefront of industrial best practice.

manufacturing 2

Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering

Nurturing creative problem solvers that work with a range of other engineers to develop innovative and cost-effective products.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Enabling the realisation of complex systems or analysis of interactions such as biomedical and automotive.

Group projects

Collaborative working is an integral part of our Engineering degrees. Find out how James' project was a 'thrill like no other'.