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People at the BMEI

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Prof. Declan Bates

Pulmonary and cardiovascular pathophysiology; mechanical ventilation of critically ill patients; personalised simulation and control technologies for the Intensive Care Unit; systems and control theory for synthetic biology; modelling and simulation frameworks for robust model-based design of synthetic biological systems; design of synthetic circuits using recombinases and DNA-based chemistry

School of Engineering 23142
Prof. Michael Chappell Biomedical Systems Modelling, Systems Pharmacology, Motion Capture and Modelling, Biomechanics, Epidemiological Modelling, Identifiability and Inference, Data Analytics School of Engineering 24309
Dr Yunfei Chen Wireless communication for healthcare School of Engineering 23105
Prof. Marina Cole Biomedical sensors and artificial olfaction School of Engineering 23546
Prof. Joanna Collingwood Metallomics, biomineralization, transition metals, neurodegenerative disorders, synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy and imaging, medical imaging, systems modelling of metal metabolism School of Engineering 51261
Prof. James Covington

Artificial Olfactory Systems, clinical investigations of gas phase bio-markers of disease, application development for medical, environmental and agricultural fields

School of Engineering 74494
Dr Petr Denissenko

Motile microorganisms, biological flows

School of Engineering 28010
Dr Neil Evans

Systems pharmacology for pharmaceuticals and optimal dosing; biomedical modelling of tumours, immune system dynamics (cancer, kidney transplantation); biomechanics for mobilty and balance, design of orthoses/protheses, control systems

School of Engineering 22062
Prof. Julian Gardner

CMOS sensors; Biomimetics; Electronic Noses; Chemical microsensors; Chemical Microsystems; Electronic Tongues; Biomedical Engineering; Pattern recognition

School of Engineering 23695
Prof. David Hutchins

High resolution biomedical imaging using ultrasonic metamaterials

School of Engineering 23874
Prof. Christopher James Biomedical signal processing, AI, machine learning, neural engineering, behaviour School of Engineering 34234
Dr Igor Khovanov Nonlinear dynamics and fluctuation theory and their applications to engineering and biomedical problems ranging from the stress dynamics of dilute alloys to the modelling of biological ion channels. School of Engineering 22600
Dr Natasha Khovanova

Identification, stability and control of linear and nonlinear systems with application to diabetes; Time series analysis of complex signals and synchronisation phenomenon with application to cardio-respiratory coupling; Development of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods with applications to limited data in clinical settings; Supervised and unsupervised machine learning and data-driven dynamic modelling with application to high-risk renal transplantation

School of Engineering 28242
Dr Vishwesh Kulkarni E-healthcare, rapid testing of pathogens, mathematical programming, systems biology, synthetic biology School of Engineering 24806
Dr Isaac Liu Nanobiomechanics, cell biomechanics & adhesion, tissue engineering & regenerative medicine, nanobioengineering School of Engineering 74348
Dr Adam Noel Biophysical signal propagation, molecular communication, cellular signal processing School of Engineering 74566
Prof. Leandro Pecchia Medical device design, manufacturing, assessment and maintenance; Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and biomedical signals and data; Health Technology Assessment (HTA); Telemedicine School of Engineering 73383
Prof. Nigel Stocks

Stochastic nonlinear systems, in particular the dynamics of nonlinear systems subject to both signals and noise (Stochastic Resonance); Biological sensory systems (neural coding and cell signaling), stochastic signal and image processing, cochlear implant coding strategies

School of Engineering 22857