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Level 3 Modules

ES327 Project (30 Credits) sm-year.jpg

ES335 Communications Systems (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

ES372 Automation and Robotics (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES382 Quality Techniques (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES386 Dynamics of Vibrating Systems (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

Content and teaching overview  |  Moodle teaching resources 17/18

ES3A3 Analogue Systems Design (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

ES3A4 CAD/CAM & Simulation (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

ES3A8 Design for Manufacture (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES3B2 Digital Systems Design (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES3B5 Engines and Heat Pumps (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES3B6 Geotechnical Engineering (30 Credits) sm-aut.jpgsm-spr.jpg

ES3C5 Signal Processing (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

ES3D1 Concrete Structures (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpgsm-spr.jpg

ES3D2 Steel Structures (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

ES3D7 Industrial Engineering (15 Credits) sm-spr.jpg

ES3E0 Power Electronics (15 Credits) sm-aut.jpg

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Suspended Module  Suspended Module

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ES3 modules are at FHEQ Level 6