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Project Drawings

Project Drawings

This section is to help students who wish to present their drawings to the Workshop Technicians for manufacture.

Before issuing your project drawings to the engineering workshops please take a few minutes to scan through these guide notes, it will save you and the technician time.

The purpose of your engineering drawing is to communicate information to the technician.
Basic required information on a detail part drawing includes:

Detail Number

Name of part



Dimensions, including overall sizes.

Tolerances for accurate dimensions.

Here are some examples of part drawings

Line types are also used to convey information.

A continuous line is for outlines.

A dot dash line indicates the centre of a part. _ ___ _ ____ _ ______ _

A dashed line indicates hidden detail. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Drawings should always be in Third Angle Projection

An example of Third Angle Projection

Be aware that drawings are always read as Third Angle Projection unless stated otherwise.

3D Drawings

3D rendered, wire frame, or solid model drawings are always useful as additional visual information but unless they are fully dimensioned and carry all the material, quantity, and assembly information they should not be presented as working drawings on their own.

Project Assembly Drawings

An example of an Assembly Drawing

An assembly drawing shows how the parts of your project fit together.

If the project consists of more than one part, then an Assembly Drawing is required.

Show clearly how all the parts fit together.

If parts are bolted together show the bolts.

All parts should be numbered.

Make a list of all manufactured parts, bought out parts and stock items.

Put notes on the Assemble Drawing of any additional information that is important.

Remember it is in YOUR interest to include ALL relevant information in your drawings.

If the work stops on your project because a technician needs information that you have not supplied and you need to be contacted, valuable time is lost on both sides.