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Warwick Humanitarian Engineering Centre; Creating Shared Value

This project focuses on the development of a Warwick Humanitarian Engineering Centre (WHEC) which will promote appropriate, sustainable, and holistic solutions to humanitarian engineering challenges by integrating science into a broader practical scheme. Humanitarian Engineering is the use of science to improve the living standards of marginalized, discriminated, underserved, or disaster/war hit groups of people globally.

In the present project a new education programme will be developed on Humanitarian Engineering, which will be considered as the first education activity to run under WHEC once established. The project will explore skills, knowledge and other attributes that characterise a professional individual working efficiently, effectively and ethically in a challenging humanitarian engineering context.

P-I: Dr Georgia Kremmyda

Co-I: Dr Volkan Degirmenci

Funded by: IATL (Strategic Project)

Budget: £47,745.00

End of project: December 2017