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National Semiconductor

Project: Multiphase DC /DC Converter

With the demand of the current in the processor becomes higher and higher and the voltage is dropping below 1 V, there is a need for a high efficiency and increasingly small voltage regulator module especially for portable device application. The reduction of the loss in power MOSFETs, will help to reduce the total amount of loss as it is major part of the total power loss.

This project is part of a bigger project of a 3-dimentional integrating of all components of a dc-dc circuit into an integrated circuit. This work will look into the best switches for the two high-side and low-side switch in dc-dc converter.



Next generation Processor

A multiphase DC-DC converter. This project will look into the switches, Sn1 and Sn2.

This project is sponsored by National Semiconductor.



This project is sponsored by National Semiconductor.