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Project Title: SMARTPAC


This project is part of the University Technology Strategic Partnership (UTSP) called SMARTPACT. SMARTPACT will deliver revolutionary research in electrical power and actuation technology and lay the foundation for more far-reaching innovation over the longer-term.

SMARTPACT has five board themes of research in its current portfolio;

  • Aircraft Electrical Power System Design, including modelling.
  • System Diagnostics and Prognostics.
  • Power Conversion.
  • Actuation Systems.
  • Advanced Semiconductor Switching Technologies.
  • Heat Transfer Technologies.

This research will be led by Nottingham in conjunction with Warwick whose work focuses on advanced semiconductor switching technologies. While the research seeks to answer some fundamental issues about the core technologies required for future systems, the involvement of GE in the problem definition and research enables this to be set in the context of real industrial and global issues such as green flight.


About GE Aviation: GE Aviation, an operating unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of commercial and military jet engines and components as well as integrated digital, electric power, and mechanical systems for aircraft. For more information, visit us at