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The UPE Devices Theme project consists of academic researchers from four acdemic institutions.


Professor Phil Mawby, University of Warwick - coordinator of project



Professor Martin Kuball, University of Bristol



Professor Nick Wright, University of Newcastle



Professor Florin Udrea, University of Cambridge



Research Associates/Fellows:

  • Dr Vishal Shah (Warwick)
  • Dr David Martin(Warwick)
  • Dr Tanya Trajkovic (Cambridge)
  • Dr Marina Antoniou (Cambridge)
  • Prof Michael Uren (Bristol)
  • Dr Huarui Sun (Bristol)

  • Dr Sara Martin Horcajo (Bristol)

  • Dr Jesus Urresti (Newcastle)

  • Dr Amit Tiwari (Newcastle)

PhD students:

  • Yeganeh Bonyadi (Warwick)
  • Dai Tianxiang (Warwick)
  • Loizos Efthymiou (Cambridge)







Prof Philip Mawby holds the Royal Academy of Engineering/GE Energy research Chair of Power Electronics within the School of Engineering, University of Warwick. He is the PI on the £10.5m Birmingham Science City Energy Efficiency project funded by AWM, which has provided state of the art research facilities including a brand new cleanroom specialising in silicon carbide (SiC) power device development. He heads a team of 6 academic staff and 20+ researchers. He is currently the PI on the £3.1m EPSRC Vehicle Electrical system Integration (VESI) project. And is PI on the HiTemp TSB project on high temperature packaging for low carbon Vehicles. He is also Co-I on two projects in the electrical power networks area (HubNET), Top and tail and Images.




Prof Martin Kuball is the Director of the Center for Device Thermography and Reliability (CDTR) at the University of Bristol. His research activities focus on optical spectroscopy and thermal analysis, and electrical studies of semiconductors and semiconductor devices including nanotechnology, for example thermal management and reliability of semiconductor devices, and new semiconductor applications. One of the current key thrusts is the development of novel high spatial resolution thermal imaging for semiconductor devices.



At Newcastle, Prof. Wright has worked on a number of projects in the area of semiconductor devices and technology. In recent years, Prof. Wright has concentrated on using novel electronic materials to develop technology for extreme environments in collaboration with leading industrial companies (e.g. Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and others). He is currently working primarily on aerospace and subsea technologies. Professor Wright is also the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at the University of Newcastle.



Prof. Florin Udrea is Professor of Semiconductor Engineering at Cambridge University with over 20 years' experience in power devices, smart technologies, micro-sensors, and MEMS. Prof. Florin Udrea is an inventor of over 70 patents. For his 'outstanding contribution to British Engineering' he has received the Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering for 2012. Since joining Cambridge University in 1992, he has worked on industrial projects with several major European, American and Japanese-based multinationals and has been a consultant to a number of design companies and semiconductor foundries. He is also a co-founder of CamSemi and Cambridge CMOS Sensors.