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Sensors in Medicine and Health Care Sensors Applications

J.W. Gardner/ Öberg, P. Åke / Togawa, Tatsuo / Spelman, Francis A. (eds.)

Vol. 3 Sensors Applications

1. Edition - May 2004 229.- Euro / 338.- SFR 2004. XXIV, 420 Pages, Hardcover ISBN 3-527-29556-9 - Wiley-VCH, Weinheim

Short description

A review of applications for point-of-care diagnostics, their integration into portable systems and the comfortable, easy-to-use sensors that allow patients to monitor themselves at home. The book covers such advanced topics as minimal invasive surgery, implantable sensors and prostheses, as well as biocompatible sensing.

From the contents

Introduction Optical sensors Biosensors/ Glucose measurement Biomagnetic Imaging Haemodynamic measurements Heart/ respiratory monitoring Fetal and neonatal monitoring Body motion analysis Sensors for Catheter Applications Cardiac Pacemakers Cochlear Implants Home health/ telecare