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Education & Outreach

3. Simple simulation of microbial chemotaxis

This is a simple simulation of microbial chemotaxis, coded in the visually oriented Processing language. The simulation includes four different 'types' of bacteria that all display tumble-and-run type swimming behaviour. Each type implements a different 'strategy' to control their tumbling behaviour. The simulation code introduces the effectiveness of two sense-response strategies, namely 'adaptive' and 'ultra sensitive'. The simulation can be readily expanded upon with more strategies, or in silico evolution of strategies! The current code is developed by Alex Darlington and Orkun S Soyer. Download the code and experiment with it! Note: For the code to work, one needs to place it in a folder with the same name as the code file.
source code - to be added

2. Microbial Communities Research Explained

This is a nice, 3-minute video explaining our research on microbial communities in an accesible way. The video is directed by Conal Reid and acted/implemented by Henry, Tobias and Kalesh. Enjoy!

1. Gassing for Anaerobic Cultivation

In this video, Simone Zenobi and Henry Porter, explain the use of a gassing manifold and its use for anaerobic media preparation. The provided video consists of four parts describing the gassing manifold, the flushing of an anaerobic tube, establishing gas exchange in the head space, and finally pressurizing an anaerobic tube.