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Data and documentation

Data management

Genebanks hold vast amounts of information about the accessions they conserve. Good data management is essential for effective and efficient genebank management. It underpins all the work we do.

It is vital that all the information about our accessions is stored securely, and appropriately linked together so that we can get the most value out of the information we have, and safeguard it for the future.

Infographic: Text in centre: ~14,000 accessions (samples of seed). Arrow pointing down to text in centre from icon of globe with text "Originating from 108 countries". All other arrows point out from text in centre with the following points moving round clockwise. 1. Icon of stack of books with text "Cited in over 300 research papers". 2. Icon of germinating seed with text "~42,000 germination records". 3. Icon of envelope with text "~1,000 packets of seed sent out each year" 4. Icon of camera with text "Over 10,000 images of accessions" 5. Icon of seed packet with text "~150,000 packets of seed".
Timeline of the UKVGB data management: year 1980 paper based records (image of the UK Vegetable Genebank sign), year 2000 bespoke access database (image of the access database logo), year 2022 GRIN-Global (image of the GRIN-Global logo), year 2023 Collections searchable website (image of the University of warwick logo with "UKVGB" underneath)

Data management history

When the UKVGB started in the 1980's all our records were held on paper. Now we use a sophisticated computer database and software system called GRIN-Global.

GRIN-Global project logo


Our data is managed using the GRIN-GlobalLink opens in a new window data management system. This is free, open source software designed for genebank data management.

This software is made up of three main components:

  • A Microsoft SQL database with a schema specifically designed to support genebank procedures
  • Day-to-day curation software
  • A publicly searchable website where users can search and order accessions

The GRIN-Global data management system was initially supported by the efforts of:

FAIR data

We aim to follow the FAIR data principlesLink opens in a new window in the management of our data.





We are constantly working to curate and improve the data we hold in line with these principles.

Data return

Do you have data that relates to UKVGB accessions? Or know about a historic dataset that used UKVGB accessions?

Please let us know by emailing

Telling us about data that relates to the UKVGB collections helps to make the them more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-useable, to the benefit of the whole scientific research community.