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Meet the team

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Charlotte AllenderLink opens in a new window

Charlotte is the Head of the UKVGB. She has worked on the project since 2006. She is fascinated by genetic diversity and has used molecular tools to study it in a wide range of species. She is very keen to support public engagement with the work of the UKVGB and ensure the collections are as widely used as possible, linking with other relevant research projects. She is a member of national and international plant genetic resources networks and works to develop the UKVGB collections so that they can contribute to global food security.

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Rory Hayden

With a background in commercial horticulture, Rory joined Horticulture Research International (HRI) in 2003. Transitioning from the field team in Horticultural Services to a technical position within a research team. Rory’s work focused on mineral nutrition, specifically phosphorus in Brassicas.

After a short stint at a contract research organisation, Rory took up a position at the University of Nottingham. Here Rory was involved at a technical level across a variety of diverse research projects. Rory’s main responsibility was for seed generation as part of the OREGIN project, encompassing plant raising to seed harvesting and processing. In addition to this, Rory was critically involved in projects such as Geonutrition, MagNet and the Renewable Industrial Products from Rapeseed (RIPR) Programme.

Rory joined the UKVGB in September 2021 where he provides technical support to the daily activities of the UKVGB.

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Ann is the Glasshouse Manager within the UKVGB. Her skill sets have been developed over 30 years of working and studying in Horticulture. Her work in the UKVGB has allowed her to be immersed in the conservation and preservation of germplasm. Growing healthy plant material to seed involves creating the right conditions for each accession to thrive. This involves balancing environmental conditions, growing medias, nutrients and pollinators, whilst mitigating pests and diseases to maintain healthy plants.

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Sarah TrinderLink opens in a new window

Sarah is the postdoctoral researcher on the UKVGB project. She manages the UKVGBs database which holds all the data on the collection. She loves using our data to help us make better decisions about how to manage the collection. Her research interests focus around enhancing the visibility of the UKVGB collections contributions to science, as well as understanding better the genetic diversity contained with the collections. She has broad interests in plant evolution and genetics, and a particular interest in the use of long-term collections and experiments as a resource for research.

Affiliated researchers

Bioinformatics RTPLink opens in a new window

  • Paul BrownLink opens in a new window - Paul supports us in maintaining and developing our database management system GRIN-Global.
  • We are also working with the Bioinformatics RTP to develop a project to sequence accessions from the UKVGB collection.

Warwick Crop CentreLink opens in a new window

  • We work closely with colleagues at the Warwick Crop Centre to ensure that the diversity contained within the UKVGB collections are used to their fullest potential. The Warwick Crop Centre research pages contain more about some of their work.