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Seed requests

Parsnips seed

Distribution policy

The UKVGB collections are available to all organisations carrying out plant breeding, research, education, training and development.

All seed are distributed under the Standard Material Transfer AgreementLink opens in a new window which must be accepted as part of the online ordering process. Please read our distribution policyLink opens in a new window before ordering seeds.

Brassica seed close up

Phytosanitary and import requirements

The UKVGB can only ship seed in accordance with relevant national regulations.

It is the responsibility of the requestor to meet any particular phytosanitary requirements for the import of seed into their country. Please ensure you know the requirements of your country before requesting seed from the UKVGB.

Searching the collections

A few tips for searching the collection:

  • If you already know the accession number(s) you want to request use the list search.
    • Prefix the accession number with HRIGRU for standard accessions, or ECD for the European Clubroot Differential series.
  • If you want to browse accessions in the collection use the advanced search to narrow down the accessions you'd like to request.
    • There are lots of additional filters listed under the "other search criteria" option.

The GRIN-Global help pagesLink opens in a new window give more details about using the search functions. The examples on the help pages relate to the USDA collections, but the principles apply to the UKVGB site too.

Please contact if you need further support.

Seed destinations

The UKVGB has sent seed to researchers all around the world. We've sent seed to 31 different countries on 5 different continents.