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Initial Configuration

Initial Configuration

MORPH will open as a strip across the screen. To make it occupy the whole screen tick Windowbar on the File menu

The toolbar offers a quick way to select MORPH functions


image placeholder

Exits from MORPH

Returns MORPH to top of screen

Initiates data transfer

Displays weather data

Displays configuration for current model

Runs model on current field

Outputs results usually to report viewer

Displays MORPH help

To configure MORPH for the first time use Setup on the File menu.

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Each of the items in the setup list must be completed in the order shown.

Setup Models asks the user to choose which models are relevant.

Setup farms asks the user to name the farm

Setup fields asks the user to name the the fields within the farm

Setup Met Data Archives asks the user to name the archives to store the weather data

Setup Data Sources asks the user to define the type of data source

This set up menu can also be used to add and delete models, farms, fields,archives and data sources.

You are now ready for getting started.