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Alex Luci

MSc Molecular Analytical Science student funded by the ESPRC.

Current Research
MSc Miniproject 1

"Imaging Macromolecules at high spatial resolution", supervised by Professor Giovanni Costantini in the University of Warwick Chemistry Department.

In this project, I imaged macromolecules, with an emphasis on conjugated polymers using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM). The main motivation behind this work is the fact that conventional analytical techniques (e.g. NMR) struggle to resolve and sequence last-generation polymers. Therefore, techniques to be able to characterise and sequence these polymers need to be developed.

MSc Miniproject 2

"Molecular Dynamics investigation of self-assembled peptide nanofibers for drug delivery to the brain", supervised by Dr. Rebecca Notman

In this project, I modelled the bilayer of the blood brain barrier using Molecular Dynamics and simulated nanofibers interacting with this bilayer. I used a combination of coarsed grain and steered Molecular Dynamics to look at the interactions and mechanisms of this system.

Academic Background
MSci Chemistry, Queen Mary, University of London (2013-2017)

Graduated with First Class Honours

MSci project: "Effects of core mutations on ubiquitins dynamics", supervised by Dr. Arianna Fornili in the QMUL Chemistry Department. In this work, I was looking at the effects of introducing mutations in the hydrophobic core of ubiquitin on the dominant motion known as the 'pincer motion'. I analysed these mutations using equilibrium molecular dynamics (MD).

MSci literature review: "Applications of lanthanide based thin films", supervised by Dr. Stephen Potts in the QMUL Chemistry Department . In this work, I looked at films synthesised using chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD), with an emphasis on lanthanides (primarily Gadolinium).

I also undertook a 4 week summer placement at Queen Mary, looking at aggregations of gold nanoparticles.

Extra Curricular Activities:

QMUL Chemistry Society: I represented the chemistry societies football team and won our 7 a side league twice.

Outreach programmes: I have also visited primary schools to engage students in scientific activities and encourage them to consider pursuing science.

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Alex Luci


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