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Henry Lee


Awarded an academic scholarship to study chemistry at the University of Warwick (2009).

In the master's year undertook Mchem project with Dr Ann Dixon investigating transmembrane proteins using the GALLEX assay (2013).

Graduated with an upper-second class Masters honours in chemistry (2013).

1 Year working as a moodle software developer for the University of Warwick under Dr Lynne Bayley (2014).

Graduated with a distinction in my second Masters in anlaytical science (2015).

Masters projects

My first mini project was under Professor Steven P. Brown and was titled "An Investigation of the Various Polymorphs of Sulfathiazole using Mathematical Simulation of Solid State NMR analysis".

My second mini project was Dr Gemma-Louise Davies and was titled "Optimising the Next Generation of MRI Contrast Agents".


I continued my second mini project over into my PhD with Dr Gemma-Louise Davies, co-supervised with Professor Charles Hutchinson. This was titled "Design-Led Nano Diagnostics" (2015).

Extracurricular activities

During my Undergraduate I was involved in the University or Warwick Triathlon where I was elected president (2012) and the Officers Training Corps. I am presently in the University of Warwick Athletics club and the Water Polo club.