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Kirsty Alsop

Moved to WMG for PhD studies

PhD Study (WMG)

PhD Project - 3-dimensional imaging, analysis, and databasing of forensically relevant sharp force trauma.

Using micro-CT and multivariate statistical modelling to analyse forensic toolmarks on bone to predict the tool that made them.

Project Supervisor - Professor Mark Williams

Masters Studies (MAS)

MSc Mini-Project 2 (Completed) - Orientation of Small Molecules in Membranes

Completed - utilising linear dichroism to elucidate the orientation of small molecules in membranes with the Nikola Chmel Group. Based in the Department of Chemistry, Sixth Floor.

MAS Mini-Project 1 (completed) - Improving Mass Spectrometric Characterisation of Boronic Acid, Ester, and Boroxine in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Recently completed the first MAS 10 week mini-project with the Peter O'Connor Group, in collaboration with AstraZeneca. Based in the Ion Cyclotron Resonance Laboratory, Millburn House, Department of Chemistry.

Academic Background

MSc in Molecular Analytical Science (MAS) - Warwick University, 2017-2018

MSc in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology - Cranfield University (Shrivenham Campus), 2016-2017

BSc (Hons) in Forensic Science with Neuroscience - Keele University, 2013-2016

Work Experience

Analyst at ALS Environmental (Coventry) - Organics department, 2016

Previous Projects

Forensic Anthropology MSc Thesis (2016/17) - Statistical Exploration and Sex Assessment of Osteometric Data from Two Portuguese Populations

Forensic Science BSc Individual Project (2016) - Review of Current Techniques for the Ageing of Bloodstains

Forensic Science BSc Group Project (2016) - Optimisation of DNA Storage, Extraction, and Quantification


Kirsty Alsop


Senate House

University of Warwick



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