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Everything by Ian Davenport

In 2004 a major wall painting was commissioned for the new Warwick Mathematics Institute building. Created by Ian Davenport, a Turner Prize nominee, the painting Everything dominates the Institute's foyer area.

Sarah Shalgovsky, curator of the University of Warwick Art Collection describes "the way that the elements of chance, deliberation and choice fuse together to create this sensational work," in this recent episode of Mead Insights.

The Painting is part of the Contemporary Art Society Special Collections Scheme, funded by the Lottery of Arts Council England, that seeks to place contemporary works of art in regional museums and galleries across England. We hope you like this painting. It helps to define the space in which it sits but it also adds interest in the way it appears to change as the light moves across it. In the morning, the work is dominated by the yellow stripes. In the afternoon, the pinks and purples start to come through more.