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MASt Course Information

When you arrive at the University, you will meet the Director of the MASt programme who will act as your tutor. Initially the role of the Director is to help you to settle into the department and to advise you on module selection. If your academic interests lie primarily in areas which are less tenuously linked to the Director's own areas of expertise, it may be helpful to introduce you to other staff in the Maths, Physics or Statistics departments. It is important that you meet regularly to review progress.

A secondary role of the Director is to help you in the selection of your research project and project supervisor. You should discuss your interests with the Director so that he may provide the most appropriate advice and guidance. You will also be free to discuss topics with other academic staff. The Director can help direct you to the appropriate staff members based on your interests. In general we expect project supervisors to be confirmed in the first few weeks of term.

A list of research project topics taken by a previous cohort of fourth year MMath students can be found here.

Choice of Modules and Module Registration

All candidates are required to take at least 90 CATS worth of modules. You should follow carefully around three modules in each of Terms 1 and 2. Students often attend many lectures in the first week or two of each term before deciding which modules they will follow for examination credit. For some modules you may need to fill in gaps in your background knowledge. Postgraduate students often independently read undergraduate texts or attend undergraduate lecture modules (not for examination credit) which they did not take as an undergraduate.

Taught postgraduate students must register their module choices on-line by the end of week 3 in Term 1. To do this, you need to use the eMR system, available via Start.Warwick or via ; you will need your IT Services username and password in order to be able to log on.

Your module selection will be approved by the Director of the programme. If you wish to make changes to your selection of modules after the deadline date (end week 3, Term 1), there will be another opportunity to revise Term 2 modules at the start of Term 2. If you have any queries, please see the Postgraduate Coordinator in Maths.

Degree Awards

For information on the award of degrees for the Master of Advanced Study see link.

Other Academic and Welfare Matters

For other academic and non-academic matters see the link and other sections of the on-line postgraduate handbook.