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Work Area Etiquette

Postgraduate Workroom Etiquette

Noise – workrooms are intended for quiet study so if you wish to chat with your friends please find another location such as the Common Room.


Please do not-


  • Use mobile phones, skype or other such systems
  • Play music, computer games etc without using headphones
  • Leave food, drink, clothing etc in the workroom
  • Leave dirty cups, plates, etc there – these must be returned to the kitchen and washed
  • Move furniture
  • Leave your allocated workspace untidy – persistent offenders will be asked to vacate the workroom
  • Bring bicycles into the workroom.
  • Move to, or spread your belongings onto, an apparently vacant desk – one desk per person please. If you have a problem with the desk allocated to you please talk to me.
  • Please do not allow unauthorised people into the workroom or PG computer rooms, this includes undergraduate students.


The Department cannot be held responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged in the workroom.


If everyone follows the rules the workrooms will be a good and happy working environment for all students!


Any problems or queries please talk to the Postgraduate Coordinator, room B0.08